I wish this book had been in my library when I was ten.  A modern classic. I'll put alongside Number the Stars for my children. --author Armada West

One of the most meticulously researched children's books I've ever read. --ARC Reviewer

Jennifer L. Gadd is an American author of books for children and young adults of all ages. Her books include Cat Moon, The Second Battle, and Space Bugs. She is also the author of the Finn the Hero picture book series, illustrated by Adam Clark.

Her most recent book is Millie McLendon: Jayhawker! Set in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1863, this historical fiction novel centers on the actual event of the Lawrence Massacre of August 21.

Jennifer is lives in Kansas City, Kansas, with her husband of over thirty years. She is a reading interventionist at an urban middle school in KCK.

Millie McLendon: Jayhawker!


Lawrence, Kansas, 1863.


Ten-year-old Millic McLendon is overwhelmed and exasperated. Her stepmother finds fault with everything she does. Her new baby brother cries all the time. And she has her chores and schoolwork to keep up with. It takes an event of historic importance to help her learn what's important. Quantrill's Raiders are about to ride through the bustling town of Lawrence, shooting and burning everything in sight. Millie will need all her resourcefulness and courage to keep her friends and family alive.

Wolf Moon

Coming in 2020! The long-anticipated second book in The Were-Children series continues where Cat Moon left off.

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